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Foothills Mediation helps parties resolve their conflict in a mutually acceptable way.

If you have a dispute with someone, going to court to resolve it can be an expensive, time-consuming and stressful process.

Marianne Lizza-Irwin is an experienced attorney in processes which help parties resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. Settlement Conferences, Mediation & Arbitration are some of these Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes.

In mediation, a neutral third party, the mediator, facilitates a resolution of the dispute by the parties. The mediator helps the parties communicate their different perspectives, discuss their needs and interests, and explore ways to resolve their conflict.

We serve clients in all counties in the State of Colorado.

Experienced Mediator Denver Mediation Attorney

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  • Condominium / Homeowners Associations
  • Contracts
  • Land Disputes
  • Personal Injury & Insurance Defense
  • Family Matters
  • Landlord Tenant
  • Commercial Disputes
  • General Money & Other Disputes

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Save money using Mediation

Save Money

The process is effective, with a reduction of litigation or pre-litigation costs. It gives all parties involved a final agreed upon resolution.

Choosing Foothills Mediation will save you money and time as an alternative to what could be a lengthy and contentious litigation process.

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Denver Locations For Mediation

Convenient Location

We have locations available for mediation throughout the Denver Metro area including Boulder.

We will travel without cost to your location.

We are also available throughout the State of Colorado.

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